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SYSTENG CONSULTING is established as a world leader in the development of renewable, sustainable, clean energy solutions in the energy, aerospace and transport sectors


Fuel cells and hydrogen technologies can provide clean and efficient solutions across a number of sectors including mobility, industry, heat and power generation. Hydrogen is seen with increased interest as a key energy carrier and a low-carbon fuel.

Systeng Consulting is a leading expert in this sector. For the past 20 years our team has supported large industry, SMEs, finance and public bodies, evaluating and implementing hydrogen-based solutions across the energy, aerospace and transport sectors.

We provide strategic and technical support on hydrogen technologies at all levels, including: technology and product development, systems engineering and integration, project feasibility and technical due diligence, techno-economic assessments collaborative project design and development and project management.


In a world which is moving fast towards sustainability and zero-emission targets, Systeng Consulting is at the cutting edge of low-carbon transport technologies and fuel supply infrastructure, offering technical, strategic and in-depth operational experience.

Partners and customers are provided with high-level expertise and real-world experience in deploying hydrogen-based powertrains and associated fuel supply infrastructure.


After 10 years developing sustainable solutions to major aerospace players, Systeng Consulting offers both technical and strategic expertise in: advanced propulsion (battery, hybrid and fuel cell-based), low-carbon unmanned systems (UAS) and complete solutions including adjacent energy/fuel supply, as well as on-board power generation and energy storage solutions.

Dr Troncoso provides leading technical expertise in these fields, and a successful track record in technology and product development. He also develops strategic roadmaps and project-manages the implementation of low-carbon technologies into aerospace applications.


Wind, solar and marine technologies offer large potential for innovation and major benefits for the environment, although generation is intermittent and depend on factors such as the solar insolation and wind speed. Systeng Consulting is specialized on providing technical due diligence, feasibility, technology assessments and project management to overcome a wide range of challenges including implementation of energy storage technology, grid balancing services and curtailment avoidance.

We have also extensive experience in the development and implementation of offgrid renewable-based power systems and microgrids for remote and back-up power, increased resilience and containerized-transportable power systems


Systeng Consulting has extensive knowledge in energy storage technologies and their applications in the energy and aerospace sectors. Over the past 20 years we have led a broad portfolio of technology development projects with industry, research partners and public entities.

Drawing on his expertise in the sector, Systeng can develop and implement energy storage technologies across energy, transport and aerospace applications and can also help its clients understand and implement energy storage technologies in their commercial strategy and product portfolio.

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Big Hit Project Launch. Photo credit: BIG HIT