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Systeng Consulting is a technical and strategic consultancy focused on the energy transition and the integration of low carbon energy & transport systems. We are dedicated to help public and private organisations transition to low carbon fossil-free energy systems, and matching their strategic market goals and technological developments

Technical Consulting

Clients and partners can count on Systeng’s expertise in multiple areas such as:

– Technology and product development (project management)

– Systems engineering and integration

– Technical due diligence, risk assessments and techno-economic feasibility

Project Management

Systeng Consulting offers you over 15 years experience in:

– Planning, designing and developing collaborative projects from concept stage

– Coordinating projects according to the clients’ needs

– Management of international partners and subcontractors (experience developing and coordinating projects in EU, UK, US, China)

Strategic Consultancy

Systeng Consulting provides specialized services including:

– Alignment of technology, product and business development strategies (Technology roadmaps and commercialization strategy)

– Development of collaborative projects. Public and private partnerships.

– Project design and proposal preparation and review. De-risking of project investment and funding process.

Flagship Projects

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VIDEO Hydrogen Territories Platform Webinar, BIG HIT project: Participation of E. Troncoso as panelist, sharing experiences during the development and coordination of the BIG HIT project

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Schematic BIG HIT project

Photo credit : BIG HIT 2018

  • Proof-of-concept of reversible electrolysis for energy storage and grid balancing applications (EU-funded GrInHy project)Boeing Research & Technology, 2015-ongoing

Role: consultant/technical lead ; responsible for (i) leading the design of the hydrogen purification & compression system; (ii) leading the techno-economic evaluation and development of business models; (iii) supporting the overall system design & basic engineering, commissioning & operation.

  • Development of containerized mobile refueling system for aerospace application, Boeing Research & Technology, 2015-ongoing

Role: consultant/technical advisor; responsible for (i) coordinating a study to analyse the feasibility of liquid hydrogen supply (LH2) for aerospace applications; (ii) support the technical design of a ground-based LH2 refueling system and onboard energy storage.

  • Project GasGrid: Technical & economic feasibility of injecting renewable hydrogen into the UK gas networks, ITM Power Plc, 2012-2013.

Role: consultant/lead investigator; responsible for undertaking a techno-economic feasibility study on (i) wind grid integration; (ii) injection of hydrogen into the UK gas network; (iii) hydrogen-fuelled gas turbines.

  • Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for Europe (EU-funded BIG HIT project), Fundacion Hidrogeno Aragon, 2015-ongoing

Role: project manager; responsible for (i) project planning and delivery, including the development of an EU-funded H2020 proposal; (ii) responsible for project deployment and on-site project management activities; (iii) supporting UK and EU dissemination activities.

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  • Development of a customised hydrogen storage system for UAS applications, Boeing Research & Technology, 2014-ongoing.

Role: project manager; responsible for (i) coordinating a feasibility study to analyse different options for onboard hydrogen storage; (ii) leading the design of an onboard H2 storage system for mini-UAS applications.

  • Solar-based microgrid system for low carbon energy & aerospace applications, Boeing Research & Technology, 2009-2014.

Role: project manager; supervision of design & construction of facilities, commissioning, test programs, permits and certification and management of all personnel; coordination with main client (Boeing US) and all project partners & subcontractors.

  • Evaluation of projects & proposals for the European Space Agency, TEN-T/CEF and FCH Joint Undertaking Funding Programmes, European Commission, 2011-ongoing

Role: consultant/expert evaluator; responsible for reviewing technical proposals; assist EC Agencies (REA, INEA and FCH JU) in the selection of proposals for funding and monitoring of ongoing projects (mid-term reviews).

  • Business development and strategic consultancy, Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, 2014-ongoing

Role: consultant/external advisor; responsible for UK business development, strategic steering & development of UK/EU commercial strategy; EU collaborative project delivery.


  • Integrated Hydrogen Production Platform for energy storage and low carbon transport applications (UK-funded Promise project), University of Glasgow, 2014 – 2015.

Role: consultant/commercial champion; responsible for (i) developing the technology roadmap and business plan to develop a commercial proposition (spin-off venture); (ii) overseeing systems engineering design and integration and test programs.